Monthly Archives: October 2014

Very Clever

“Columnists for this newspaper are not allowed to endorse presidential candidates. But I think this election is so important, I am going to break the rules. I hope I don’t get fired. But here goes: I am endorsing George Bush for president. No, no — not George W. Bush. I am endorsing his father — George Herbert Walker Bush.”

Friedman, Thomas L. 2004. “The Apparent Heir.” New York Times. Oct. 31: WK11.


Hope Springs Eternal

“Had the administration been more competent in pursuing its policies in Iraq — which can still turn out decently — the hole in the heart of the world might not have gotten so large and jagged.”

Friedman, Thomas L. 2004. “A Hole in the Heart.” New York Times. Oct. 28: A29.

Back in the Saddle

Thomas L. Friedman returned to the pages of the Times after a three-month break 20 Friedman units ago today. What did he learn while he was away writing The World is Flat?

Apparently that the Iraq war was still a good idea that simply had been prosecuted with insufficient brutality: “If only the Bush team had gone after the remnants of Saddam’s army in the Sunni Triangle with the brutal efficiency it has gone after Senator Kerry in the Iowa-Ohio-Michigan triangle. If only the Bush team had spoken to Iraqis and Arabs with as clear a message as it did to the Republican base.” But of course.

Friedman, Thomas L . 2004. “Iraq: Politics Or Policy?” New York Times. Oct. 3: WK11.