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Frequent Flier

“Is it so much to ask that each NATO country contribute 100 soldiers for a long weekend to advance the prospect of Iraqi elections? Heck, I’ll throw in the air fare myself. I have so many frequent-flier miles, I could even fly over a few hundred soldiers from European Union countries that aren’t in NATO. ”

Friedman, Thomas L. 2004. “Iraq, Ballots and Pistachios.”The New York Times. Dec. 12: WK13.


The Real Problem with Iraq

According to Friedman, the real problem is that the United States was too slow to invade.

In a column headlined, “The Suicide Supply Chain,” he writes, “You see, we didn’t invade Iraq too soon. We actually invaded 10 years too late.”

Or 20 Friedman units too late, if you will.

Just to be clear, “Suicide Supply Chain” was not the title of a Judas Priest song, but maybe it should have been.

Friedman, Thomas L. 2004. “The Suicide Supply Chain.”The New York Times. Dec. 9: A41.