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Bought Off in Europe?

“Iran today has so much oil money to sprinkle around Europe, it doesn’t worry for a second that the Europeans would ever impose real sanctions on Tehran for refusing to open its nuclear program. … [T]hree more years of $60-a-barrel oil will undermine everything good in the world that the U.S. wants to do – and that’s no myth.”

Europe did take its time imposing sanctions on Iran, but in 2012, it imposed additional sanctions beyond those already approved by the United States and the United Nations – and specifically targeting Iranian oil exports. At the time, oil prices were hovering around $100 a barrel.

Friedman, Thomas L. 2005. “A Shah with a Turban.” The New York Times. Dec. 23: A27.


The Next Next Six Months

“The only thing that I am certain of is that in the wake of this election, Iraq will be what Iraqis make of it – and the next six months will tell us a lot. I remain guardedly hopeful.” So that must mean that we would have a pretty good idea of Iraq’s future course by the end of June 2006, right?

Friedman, Thomas L. 2005. “The Measure of Success.” The New York Times. Dec. 21: A39.

What is a subdivision of a Friedman unit?

Time will tell:

“So Mr. Bush’s new public relations offensive on Iraq is a test. Are the news media still too cowed, too addicted to articles that contain little more than dueling quotes to tell the public when the administration is saying things that aren’t true? Or has the worm finally turned?

“There have been encouraging signs, notably a thorough front-page fact-checking article — which even included charts showing the stagnation of oil production and electricity generation! — in USA Today. But the next few days will tell.”

The next few days, indeed.

Friedman, Thomas L. 2005. “Bullet Points over Baghdad.” The New York Times. Dec. 2: A27.