A Classic Friedmanism

Today’s look back at the column that ran 20 Friedman units ago is a classic. Friedman, of course, will jump at any opportunity to brag about some exotic locale he has visited — and preferably in which he also talked to a cab driver. He also loves to take two seemingly dissimilar things and show how they are exactly alike. In today’s example, he manages both in just two sentences.

“The best part of this job is being able to step outside of your routine and occasionally look at the world through a completely different lens. The Peruvian Amazon rain forest is such a lens, and looking at the world through this dense jungle has given me new perspectives on two issues — Middle East violence and the spread of the Internet.”

We could go on, but why mess with perfection?

Friedman, Thomas L. 2006. “The Age of Interruption.” The New York Times. July 5: A17.


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