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One Last Chance?

So 20 Friedman units ago, it was still possible to imagine a “decent outcome” in Iraq but only by setting a deadline for withdrawal roughly 1.75 Friedman units hence — or Dec. 1, 2007.

“You need to tell Iraqis that by calling for a surge in troops you’re giving them one last chance to reconcile, otherwise we’re gone by Dec. 1. And you need to tell Americans that you’re creating a $45-a-barrel floor price for imported oil, so investors can safely finance alternatives without worrying that they’ll be undercut by OPEC.”

Friedman, Thomas L. 2007. “Make Them Fight All of Us.” The New York Times. January 12: A21.


If only…

“Every 10 years we say to ourselves, ‘If only we had done the right thing 10 years ago.'”

Umm, yeah, although one must wonder whether Friedman has achieved the level of self-awareness to be capable of this level of critical introspection.

Friedman, Thomas L. 2007. “The First Energy President.” The New York Times. January 5: A17.